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What is the Single Device Plan?
Single Device Plan lets you enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi minutes with a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device or laptop which fulfill the designated system requirement. The service allows you to use one device at a time and auto-login after activation. Logging on has never been easier.

Who is eligible to subscribe to this service?
Anyone can subscribe to this service.

What is the charging rate and mechanism?
Enjoy the unlimited Wi-Fi access with only $48/month and no commitment needed.

How can I subscribe to the Single Device Plan?
You can subscribe at www.cslwifi.com or via our csl Wi-Fi login page at our hotspots after accessed to our "CSL" SSID; You may also contact our Sales hotline at 2888 1888 or visit any of our 1O1O / csl shops.

Is there commitment to the Single Device Plan?
There is no commitment to the Single Device Plan.

Can I enjoy the Single Device Plan with multiple devices?
Single Device Plan offers Wi-Fi service to one device simultaneously, but you may change the device. Should you want to enjoy multiple device access to Wi-Fi, we’d recommend you to sign up for our csl Wi-Fi Unlimited Usage Monthly Plan.

What is the system requirement for the Single Device Plan?
Those Wi-Fi enabled devices which fulfill the designated system requirement could enjoy this service. The system requirement is as follow: Windows XP Home (SP2)/ Windows XP Professional (SP2)/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Mac OS X or above/ iPad and Windows Mobile 6.0 or above/ Symbian S60 (3rd Edition) or above/ UIQ 3.0 or above/ iPhone /iPod OS / Android OS 1.5 or above.

Do I need to login when connecting to csl Wi-Fi under the Single Device Plan?
No. Single Device Plan provides you the convenience of automatic user login after a one-off simple activation process; you will be automatically logged in to csl Wi-Fi. Connect to the csl Wi-Fi SSID and a welcome page will prompt you to click “Connect” and then start browsing the Internet.

Why do I need to click “Connect” before starting to browse?
You should click “Connect” before starting to browse in order to ensure you are aware that your device is connecting to internet through csl Wi-Fi.

Where can I enjoy the Single Device plan?
You can enjoy the Single Device Plan at all csl Wi-Fi hotspots. For locations of our hotspots, please visit here.

Which SSID should I connect to enjoy Single Device Plan?
You can connect to the "CSL" SSID.

Can I use the service immediately after a successful subscription?
Yes. If you subscribe online at www.cslwifi.com or at our hotspot via our login page, you will be able to use the service instantly after a successful subscription.

Can I subscribe to more than one Single Device Plan?
Yes, each customer could subscribe to a maximum of five Single Device Plans, including registered Mobile Plan and Laptop Plan.

How can I activate the Single Device Plan once subscribed?
Once you have subscribed to the Single Device Plan, you will receive a SMS containing a 7-digit Activation Code at your pre-entered mobile phone number (during the subscription process). You may now use your desired device to activate the service at any of csl Wi-Fi hotspots by first connecting to the "CSL" SSID, and then input the activation code at the corresponding pages.

What can I do if I cannot receive the activation code?
You can contact our Customer Services hotline at 1000 to request for a re-send of the Activation Code via SMS.

Login and connection
Do I need to login with an ID and password?
You do not need to login with any ID and password. The device will automatically login to Wi-Fi service once activated.

Why do I still receive a set of login ID and password if there is no need to login?
For NETVIGATOR / csl Wi-Fi subscribers, the login ID and password are provided for changing your service settings once you activate your device. An email containing the info will be sent to the email address you inputted.

As the service automatically logged in, how can I disconnect the connection?
After connecting to the csl Wi-Fi service, it will prompt you a welcome page before browsing. You can click the “Disconnect” button in the welcome page to disconnect the service. The URL of the welcome page is http://hotspot.cslwifi.com.

What should I do if I forgot my login name and password?
For NETVIGATOR / csl Wi-Fi subscribers, once your subscription is successful, a confirmation email containing your login name and password will be sent to you. If you cannot find this confirmation email, please contact our Customer Service hotline 1000 for assistance.

Service Setting
What should I do if I want to change device but keep using Single Device Plan?
You can access to www.cslwifi.com and choose “Service Support & Download”, then select “Single Device Plan User” and login to the Single Device Plan account setting. After selecting the device you’d like to be replaced, a SMS consist of a new Activation Code will be sent to your registered mobile number, you may then activate the new device you would like to register. Your previous device will be replaced automatically.

Do I need to visit a hotspot to change my device?
You do not need to visit a hotspot to change your device as you may access to www.cslwifi.com online anywhere, but you need to activate your new device at our hotspot in order to complete the device changing procedure.

Is there a limit to how many times I can change the device?
There is no limit.

If I would like to rename a registered device, what should I do?
You can login to the Single Device Plan account setting under “Change Service Settings” – “Single Device Plan User” under “Service Support & Download” section at www.cslwifi.com. Select “Register / change my device” then “rename”.

If I have subscribed to more than one Single Device Plan, can I manage all the registered devices under the same account setting?
Yes, as long as those devices are registered under the same account.

How can I change my registered mobile number?
You may contact our Customer Service hotline 1000 to change your registered mobile number.

Why is it needed to name my device?
The name of the device helps you to easily manage your service settings in the user profile management.

How can I check the monthly billing for my service?
If you are already a NETVIGATOR / csl Wi-Fi customer, when you subscribed to the service, the Single Device Plan charge will be reflected in your Netvigator bill. If you are neither a NETVIGATOR nor PCCW mobile customer, the Single Device Plan charges will be reflected in the bill of the credit card you use to subscribe to the service.

Will I not be charged until I have activated my device?
You will still be charged as you subscribed to the service. We suggest you to activate your device at the earliest to fully enjoy the service after you successfully subscribed.

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